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Since 1962 Big M Pest Control has been providing the best extermination of  bees, trapping of rodents like mice, rats, possum and squirrels including pest control services of scorpions, snakes and the extermination of termites, roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, moths, beetles and more.  Contact our Big M Pest Control offices in Ingleside, McAllen or New Braunfels, TX.

At Big M Pest Control we are one of the largest providers of pest control and termite services in our state wide areas for Corpus Christi, TX, McAllen & New Braunfels, Tx.  Our reputations for quality and customer satisfaction have provided such growth. We are your experts when it comes to ant treatment and control, bee treatment, cockroach elimination, mosquito fogging, flea extermination, termite prevention and commercial pest control.

We also provide the best in rodent control, wild/stray animal trapping, wood destroying insect control, weed control, fungus control, herbiciding, bird control, bat exclusion/control, and sanitation consulting.

fire ant pest control and exterminatorsANT TREATMENT: Big M Ant Treatment Services include locating and killing the source. Queen bees and their mounts live deep below the surface. Locating the ant mounts and proving worker ants with a killing agent is just the start. Making sure ants do not come back is what Big M Pest Control specializes in. Contact our office today! 


pest control companies that kill and remove bees, hives and colonies

BEE CONTROL: Bees and wasps are a threat to your home, family and pets. A bee sting can become serious to even those not allergic to painful bee stings. At Big M Pest Control we understand the importance of keeping your home free of local red wasps, yellow jacks, hornets, honey bees and even africanized killer bees. Killer bees are the most aggressive and are easily upset over the slightest noises. Our team of expert exterminators will destroy the source, nest and entire bee colony. Big M Pest Control also can provide bee treatment that prevents bees from coming back. Don’t let bees and wasps take over and damage your home. Contact our office today! 

extermination and coach roach problemsROACH EXTERMINATION: The eggs cockroaches and roaches lay come by the thousands. Depending on how many female roaches your home, restaurant or office may have will determine your overall roach count. Killing the roaches and their soon-to-be off spring is the only way you can prevent them from coming back. Big M Pest Control provides the best roach extermination around New Braunfels, Corpus Christi and McAllen, TX. We only bring in the best roach bait, traps and spray. Eliminate and prevent future outbreaks by contacting our office today!


mosquito fogging servicesMOSQUITO FOGGING:  Big M Pest Control in Corpus Christi offers professional outdoor mosquito fogging with our commercial grade foggers. If you have an outdoor event including weddings, parties, concerts, festivals or any other type of event your guests will appreciate you preventing any serious outbreaks caused by swarms of mosquitoes passing from one spectator to another. Ask us about coming out to your event for outdoor mosquito treatments. 


Big M pest control for flea exterminatorsFLEA CONTROL: Big M Pest Control loves pets just as much as any pet lover. We do know that at times pets bring in fleas and other insects that patrol our yards and parks. That’s why at Big M our flea extermination services are the best and outlast our competitiors. We use safe and reliable flea killing solutions and treatment giving your home and family the feeling of security knowing you can enjoy and love on your pets just like we do. Contact Big M for a free flea inspection.


corpus christi and new braunfels mouse and ratsRODENT CONTROL: Yikes! You just spotted a mouse running across your floor of your home, restaurant or office. You immediately scream “I saw a rat!” Maybe it was a rat or maybe it was a mouse but regardless, to you, it has not business snooping around your business or home. Call on Big M Pest Control for safe and humane rat and mouse trapping. At Big M we only provide the fastest and best pest control services. CALL NOW! 800-864-4922


big m pest control termite exterminationTERMITE SERVICES: Big M Pest Control is your best solution to hunting down and killing termite soldiers and their termite leaders also known as termite queens. Stop the spreading and costly damage termites bring to your homes, offices and commercial businesses. Learn how you can prevent termite problems and is you already have major termites please call our Big M Pest Control offices in New Braunfels, Ingleside and McAllen, TX today! 800-864-4922


New Braunfels
(Residential and Commercial Pest Control) and Seguin, Selma, Schertz, Garden Ridge, Canyon Lake, San Marcos, Kyle, San Antonio and Bulverde, TX

Corpus Christi (Residential and Commercial Pest Control) and Ingleside, Portland, South Side, North Padre, Rockport, Fulton, Aransas Pass, Gregory, Taft and Sinton, TX

McAllen (Commercial Pest Control Service Only) and Mercedes, La Homa, Alton, Mission, Edinburg, San Juan, Donna, Weslaco, La Feria and Harlingen


All services are guaranteed, or your money back!

  1. We offer residential services that include One-time, Quarterly, and Monthly programs.
  2. We have exterior treatments for fleas, ticks, ants, fertilizing, tree spraying, weed control, and fungus/disease control.
  3. We now offer core aerations, herbiciding, and fungicide treatments for your lawn.
  4. *NEW SERVICE*  We now provide debris removal for your property, home, or vacated apartments as well as soil grade correction for your foundation to keep termites and other insects off your home.

Since all needs are not the same, please contact our offices if you have any commercial/industrial pest control questions. 800-864-4922

Bee ControlBee Control

Big M Pest Control provides the best extermination of bees including africanized bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.

Ant TreatmentAnt Treatment

The bait is taken by the ants as food and brought back to the nest where the poison is inadvertently spread to the entire colony.

Termite PreventionTermite Prevention

Termites are the number one pests for property owners. They can cause major damage to a home’s or building’s foundation.

Roach Elimination Roach Elimination

One of the most common household pest insects are Cockroaches. They feed on common household food including human and pet food.