Pest Control Testimonials

Big M Pest Control is proud of our BBB rating, google rating and facebook reviews made for our top quality pest control services in New Braunfels, Corpus Christi, Ingleside and McAllen, TX. Below are our online ratings and testimonials.

Thank you Big M Pest Control for your services!!! The staff has been extremely nice and friendly, very professional, easy to deal with services provided hassle free. Call them for all your pest needs. The knowledgeable staff with take care of any and all your pest concerns!!! THANKS AGAIN BIG M PEST CONTROL!!!! SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!!! -Heidi G.

Thank you Heidi!

Big M pest control is a great company. And how do I know that its because Mr Chuck took his time to teach me to get job done right. Thanks,Guillermo Herrera

Thank you Guillermo!

Big M pest clean heard working men on time polite,very professional they get the job done. An do it well ,have bugs give them a CALL -Lodie M.

Thank you Lodie!

I highly recommend Big M for pest control services. They have done an outstanding job on concerns with different types of insects. Extremely professional and punctual. Very knowledgeable in the chemicals being used. Can’t go wrong Big M! Thanks -Freddy G.

Thanks Freddy!

They have treated where I live for ants, and spiders they did an outstanding job. I would recommend them to everyone. -James W.

Thank you James!

Bee ControlBee Control

Big M Pest Control provides the best extermination of bees including africanized bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.

Ant TreatmentAnt Treatment

The bait is taken by the ants as food and brought back to the nest where the poison is inadvertently spread to the entire colony.

Termite PreventionTermite Prevention

Termites are the number one pests for property owners. They can cause major damage to a home’s or building’s foundation.

Roach Elimination Roach Elimination

One of the most common household pest insects are Cockroaches. They feed on common household food including human and pet food.