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Brown Widow Spider Treatment for Corpus Christi and New Braunfels, TX pest control service areas

corpus christi and new braunfels pest controlHOW TO IDENTIFY BROWN WIDOW SPIDERS: It is sometime difficult to distinguish a brown widow from other  brown spiders. Males are smaller than the female brown widows. Female brown widows can be up to a half-inch long with legs extended. Males are much smaller. Brown widows also have an hourglass-like marking on their abdomens and they are orange unlike black widow spiders who have a red hourglass shape on their back. You can determine if brown widows are nearby by finding their egg sacs, which are unusual. Instead of being smooth, they’re covered in tiny spikes.

HIDING PLACES: They tend to hide in places where they run into people — backyards, in patio furniture, gardens, outdoor toys, playgrounds and even vehicles.

MORE INFO: Brown widows are less aggressive than black widow spiders and less likely to bite someone. They are more likely to retreat than to fight. Brown widow bites are reported to be less venomous than black widow spiders but it is recommended that people who are bitten by a brown widow see a doctor.

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Triatominae Kissing Bug of Texas

pest control new braunfelsNAME THAT BUG! Found in Texas this so-called “Kissing bug” has a habit of biting people and animals at night, often around the face or lips. The bite can be extremely itchy and there is a small risk that these bugs could transmit a parasite disease called Chagas.

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Flea Extermination Pest Control Services

corpus christi pest controlAre your pets bringing in fleas from outdoors? Maybe a neighborhood pet infested your home with a minor or major flea control issue. Regardless of the situation fleas in the home or yard are a serious problem. Fleas live off of blood whether it’s human or pets. Once in the home fleas can live up to 100 days without a blood meal. A female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs within her lifetime speading the offspring throughout homes and yards for a lifetime.

Where are fleas found? Fleas are found just about anywhere you sit or lay. Your pets move around from the yard to the couch to the rug and maybe even your bed. Fleas can jump up to nearly a foot off of the ground making it easy for them to move around the areas you and your kids, pets and friends sit. Pets with fleas may develop anemia, tapeworms or intense  bouts of itching. Some pets may develop an allergy to flea salive, which will cause bad irritation and itch.

Protect your family from fleas by contacting Big M Pest Control in Corpus Christi, New Braunfels and McAllen, TX today! Be sure to ask about our free pest control extermination inspection. Contact Us!


Brown Stink Bug in Texas

brown stink bug image photo pic

THE BROWN STINK BUG: Accidentally introduced into the US from China and Japan it was first reported in 1998 in Allentown, PA. It has been found to be a pest of fruits, vegetables and other farm crops in the Mid-Atlantic States. It is being watched closely by the Texas agricultural community to see if it will have a negative impact on certain crops. The stink bug does not reproduce or feed indoors. When crushed or disturbed it emits a “stinky” fluid. Hence, the name stink bug. Currently it is not recommended to use specific store bought pesticides on the brown stink bug. Please contact our Big M Pest Control offices for information on how to contain these outside insects.

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Bee ControlBee Control

Big M Pest Control provides the best extermination of bees including africanized bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets.

Ant TreatmentAnt Treatment

The bait is taken by the ants as food and brought back to the nest where the poison is inadvertently spread to the entire colony.

Termite PreventionTermite Prevention

Termites are the number one pests for property owners. They can cause major damage to a home’s or building’s foundation.

Roach Elimination Roach Elimination

One of the most common household pest insects are Cockroaches. They feed on common household food including human and pet food.